Social programme

Friday, July 5, 2024
19:00 - 21:00
Welcome Reception -  Cankarjev dom Included in the fee for participants.


Sunday, July 7, 2024
13:00 - 23:00
Excursion to Nordung Center Vitanje, Žička Kartuzija and Conference dinner in Ljubljana.

The Noordung Center

The Noordung Center for Space Technologies, or simply the Noordung Center, is located in the town of Vitanje, nestled in a valley amidst the hilly landscape on the outskirts of the southwestern Pohorje Mountains and the extension of the Karavanke Mountains. Its very name proudly reflects its dedication to the activities of one of the pioneers of space science, Herman Potočnik Noordung. His book "The Problem of Space Travel: The Rocket Motor (Das Problem der Befahrung des Weltraums: der Raketen-Motor, 1929)" served as inspiration for numerous scientists in the development of space exploration technologies, as well as for those involved in humanistic, cultural, and other social science fields related to space.

The main activity of the Noordung Center is the promotion of space technologies and the showcasing of human achievements in space through the intersection of art and advanced technologies. By fostering international connections and engagement, we aim to raise the profile of Slovenian and international institutions in the field of space activities across all domains. Our offerings to the general public include the development, presentation, and marketing of space-related content in the form of artistic exhibitions, exhibits, and multimedia interactive applications.

The Žiče Charterhouse

The Žiče Charterhouse, dating back to 1165, stands as a unique monument to the history of monastic life. The friary monastery disintegrated in the 18th century, leaving behind the monks' cottages, refectory, kitchen, and the monastery church. In the valley of St. John, where time seems to flow differently, one can find serenity, respect, peace, and silence that must be experienced. Manuscripts from the Žiče Charterhouse, despite their fragmentary state, offer glimpses into centuries of uninterrupted development of medieval books. Today, there are approximately 120 medieval manuscripts and nearly 100 fragments known.

This represents only a small portion of the former wealth, much of which lies beyond Slovenian borders. Nevertheless, this is the only group of medieval manuscripts from Slovenian lands that can boast nearly four centuries of continuous manuscript production by the monastic community. As manuscripts are multifaceted monuments, they communicate various aspects of history. Surviving signatures reveal that the Žiče Charterhouse library once housed around 2,000 manuscripts. Monks and occasional external scribes left their signatures beneath the texts, offering a rich variety of paleographic styles. This is the only sufficiently comprehensive group of manuscripts in Slovenia that allows us to trace the evolution of decorated initials and speak of the "Žiče style."

Additionally, some of them feature vibrant painted decorations contributed by professional, often itinerant, painters in line with the practices of the time. The exhibition is on display in the renovated spaces of the Žiče Charterhouse. Within the walls, there is also a pottery and painting studio, where the process of creating various clay products is practically demonstrated. In the old vaulted cellars of the Žiče Charterhouse, the Žiče sparkling wines mature. The cellar is named after the founder of the Charterhouse, Otokar, who established it in the distant 12th century.

Original written sources exist about the economic activities of Žiče Charterhouse, which had a strong influence on the cultural and economic development of the region during that period, with winemaking playing a prominent role. Already in 1173, they mention their own vineyards, donated to them by Patriarch Ulrik II of Aquileia, to facilitate the construction of necessary monastery buildings. In 1485, during a visit to the monastery, Paolo Santonino noted, "At this time, they have more wine of their own than the entire remaining reg.